Personal Worldview : My Worldview Essay

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My Worldview Thus Far My worldview consists of presuppositions that I have inherited from my parents, mentors, siblings, and in the classroom. My worldview has also been shaped by commitments and passions that have grown with me throughout my nineteen years. The culture I live in, the environment I was raised in, and the people I associate myself with also influence my personal world view. Things that I believe to be true. As many other Christians may say, the one thing, the one person, the one everlasting being that we can undoubtedly know to be true, is Jesus Christ our Lord. Without God, there would be no reason for our existence. Since we were created to glorify God, by God, we would simply not have come into existence without him. We can see with our own eyes that the things of this world are fleeting. Nothing lasts forever. Crops are grown and then harvested to make food, personal belongings shatter, even people can’t survive long in the grand scheme of time; but die after a few short years. Some people leave an impression, while others are only remembered by loved ones; or then again, maybe be no one at all. Nothing lasts, but God is eternal. He has been passed down through the generations, and his following continues to grow rather than diminish over time. In nature, I believe everything has been created by God and has a purpose. While part of the world is based on facts, much of it also relies on faith. As a Christian, I have committed to a set…

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