Essay about Personal Statement : Social Work

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Personal Statement
I am applying for an opportunity to further my studies in social work because I have always wanted to make a difference in people’s life. Social work as a program is a combination of all social sciences, which is the combination of all other helping professions together. Social work as a profession is different from any other helping professions because it does not just focus on the client as an individual but it also accesses their environment- ‘Person in environment’. Other profession has a definite way of approaching problems, issues and situations but social work profession access all ways possible that is psychology, sociology, and health sciences to find solutions to a problem.
Based on my research, social work is the best and most suitable option for me. The social work profession focuses mainly on helping people such as families, children, adults, students, individual, community and so on. At one point in everybody’s life, we find that we are affected by the work of a social worker both intentionally and unintentionally. Social workers help their clients to realize their potential, privileges, opportunities and resources that are available to them. They help clients to make use of the benefits they have for themselves and for other people around them. They also help their clients to realize that they are not always at fault for what is going on in their life. Based on the knowledge I have acquired over time both in school, work and volunteer, some…

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