Essay about Personal Statement : Public Service

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For the majority of my professional life I worked primarily in the private sector; consequently, I have very minimal professional experience in the public sector. While rummaging through various documents, searching for material required for the completion of this analysis, I recognized that there are overlapping and recurring themes which clearly point to who I am as a professional and, thus, the direction in which my professional life should proceed, public service. Therefore, my professional mission statement is, “To vigorously perform my responsibilities as a public administrator and to enhance the quality of public service by providing my clients with dedication, honesty and a commitment to make the best interest of all, my first priority.” Private sector employment never truly felt like a good fit, and although not entirely certain what it was or why, I have frequently felt drawn to public service; in every capacity of employment, some element of service has always tugged at me. To that end, my career goals over the next 5 years are to complete my MPA degree, apply for internships and to secure a position in the Economic Development Department of my local city government office. As I transition from employment in the private sector to public sector employment strengths such as, the invaluable wisdom gained while earning my public administration degree, networking relationships, program development and design skills, critical thinking and planning experience…

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