Personal Statement : Personal Responsibility Essay example

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Speech Title: Personal Responsibility is key to Wellness

Attention Getter: Wellness is not Wishful Thinking, but an intentional reality

Specific Purpose: Behavior Practices Impact on Health

Introduction: Personality, beliefs and behavioral choices has the potential to bridge the gap between health deficits be it emotional or physical.

Thesis: Personal Responsibility is crucial for maintaining wellness

Credibility: I am a Health Coach who believes personal choices impacts wellbeing. I have presented at corporate wellness fairs and conducted wellness retreats helping people tap into the power of healthy choices.

Justification: Young adults engage in high risk behaviors that has the potential of consequences beyond the young adult years according to McKenzie et al (An Introduction to Community Health. 8 ed.)

Preview: I will like to begin by telling you why I believe behavior and lifestyle changes are the blueprint to wellness and life satisfaction and why you cannot depend on doctors to maintain your wellbeing.

Main 1

A: Health Promotion and Prevention: According to the goals set by Healthy People 2020, one of the main focuses is to “promote quality of life, healthy development and healthy behaviors across all life stage.” (Healthy People 2020). In other words, at every stage of life including young adulthood, focus on healthy behaviors is a vital component of quality of life and well-being, which encompasses physical, mental, emotional and social…

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