Essay on Personal Statement On Self Awareness

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The area I sought to improve was my self awareness. Self awareness is knowing what emotions you are feeling in certain situations and times; knowing your feelings and being able to identify them. It also involves knowing what your emotional triggers are and when you need help. If you know what triggers you to get angry or upset etc., then you have the skills to avoid those situations or conversations. Its impotent to be able to interpret how you are feeling in situations, it allows you to understand your self better and convey that to others. To improve my self awareness I decided to ask 5 people I was close to, to see what they thought my strengths and weaknesses were when it cam to these five categories of emotional intelligence; self awareness, self management (regulation), motivation, empathy, and social skills. I gave them the definitions of each category and asked them to tell what they thought my strengths were and what my weaknesses were and then add some detail to why they thought it was the case. I only listened and took notes, I did not allow my self to respond to what they said. I started my project by asking my mom what she thought, my strengths and weaknesses were in terms of emotional intelligence. I started with her cause I feel that she knows me the best out of anyone. She responded by saying“ your strengths are that you are very strong in self awareness and self management, you are very emotionally steady.” She added that she also thought I had a lot of…

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