Personal Statement On Public Health Essay

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In this section of my CPH 200 Introduction of to Public Health course I am learning about the roles, functions and extended capabilities and real world applications of Public Health. This section of the curriculum builds on the the last portion, where I learned how to comprehend what Public Health actually is and as well as understanding my own personal health. Having this previous knowledge made comprehending this new material and concepts simple. After learning about the foundations of Public Health, we begin to start applying this understanding to the world around in Maternity and Child Health(MCIH) and Nadine Burke’s TEDtalk. Our opening lecture given by Ms. Shannon Bryan briefed the class on MCIH and perfectly explained how foundational of a branch MCIH is and why it deserves to be an independent branch of Public Health. MCIH is first steps in a person’s life, tracking the child’s progress from preconception. Monitoring the things that impact the health, well being and status of this new generation of human is important because it can give us a better chance of preventing life threatening ailments and saving lives.(Bryan) In Burke’s TEDtalk she spoke about Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs) and their direct correlation with several health problems and disparities. I liked the way Burke’s TEDtalk felt like peeling back layers of an an onion. She would dissect pertinent, everyday issues heavily debated and discussed on national television and revealing how almost…

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