Personal Statement On Health Care Essay

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Dignity conserving care is one of the most important aspects of primary health care. It is the first step in gaining trust and developing empathy with your patients. Dignity regarding healthcare would refer to the perception which patients have of themselves (Chochinov HM, 2004: 2026-30) There are various factors which influence how a healthcare practitioner treats their patients. These factors namely attitude, behaviour, compassion and dialogue will be explored through the use of a hypothetical example between a healthcare practitioner and her patients well as being an Integrated Health Professional. Self-reflection is another key aspect of primary health care and is explored through my thoughts in respond to reading the situation and how I aim on improving my response in order to develop of as professional.
Developing practitioners require education regarding social responsiveness to understand that they do not only make a contribution regarding the health needs of the patients but also the general development of the community. ((CHE), 2001). Comprehensive health care requires students to be integrated by being politically aware, culturally proficient and emotionally mature with a strong professional identity and active engagement of knowledge, inter-personal and intra-personal domains of developing one’s self as a health professional. The integration will result in the student being an Integrated Health Professional (IHP). (Meissner, 2004: 901-902). An Integrated Health…

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