Reflection And Reflective Practice

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Reflection and reflective practice are increasingly described as essential attributes of competent healthcare professionals who are prepared to address clinical challenges1. The iSAP scenario provided the opportunity to develop a Clinical Action Plan (CAP) to identify client needs and discuss professional behaviours of clinician’s involved affecting the quality of healthcare received. An expert CAP was then released identifying the main issues to be considered. This report will compare and contrast these two reports to improve my clinical practice.
The CAP I completed for the scenario identified similar issues as the expert CAP; the need to remain client/family centred, for health professionals to act collaboratively with shared vision and values, healthcare needs of people with complex injury, communication issues between healthcare organisations, and potential benefits of improved communication systems. Some issues not identified in my CAP include communication with Sophie and Lulu, using common language/avoiding jargon, stereotyping, and professional socialization.
Issues not discussed in my CAP were
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Although health professional’s purpose is to improve the health of patients/clients7, sometimes clinicians lose sight of this aim and fail to ensure effective and timely services are provided. If any of Lulus health practitioners had the intention to ensure her wellbeing they would have gone beyond their typical practice duties, which may have resulted in the provision of effective healthcare services. Examples include the doctor in Melbourne reviewing Lulu’s medical history and contacting her regular practitioners, and the physiotherapist ensuring the specialist appointment was catagorised

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