Personal Statement On Beliefs About Nursing Essays

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Beliefs about Nursing Everyone should be entitled to believe in what they think is right. We are entitled to form our own opinions, ideas and beliefs. I feel very strongly about nursing. It is the path I am choosing for my career. My love nursing is a passion that runs deep in my heart and for that reason I feel very strongly about nursing. For many years now people all over the world have been told that they should believe in what they are told to believe in by others. People usually only tell us that we have to believe in something other than what we do because they think it is right. This is not true, we should believe in something because we want to. Not because someone said well if people are not going to believe in what we think is right then they don’t fit In with our crowd. Fitting in with the crowd is not what makes a person who they are or what they should believe in. Good influences are what help to make a person what they are. In nursing there are many different type’s beliefs. For example, some people believe that it is important to do the job right the first time. Also it is important to be kind, and considerate of the patient. We need to remember that the patient probably feels somewhat uncomfortable, because they don’t want to be stuck in the hospital. I was taught to believe in what I thought was right for me and my life. Over the last few years I have been greatly influenced in the medical field because of the nurses I have met, my family, and the nurses…

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