Essay on Personal Statement Of The Problem

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Statement of the problem
Most children in foster care tend to be at high risk of experiencing stability due to various complications that they have experienced in their lives. Especially for those that are still trying to get used to the idea of being in the foster care system. Depending on the type of difficulty that they are dealing with most of these children living in foster care find it hard to academically strong when their mind is not stable. Children of all ages end up in the foster care system, some of them struggles to care for themselves because they cannot trust that someone else will care for them as much. Their only self-motivation is the hardship that some of them deals with, making them challenge themselves to make a way out of the system or make the completely lose hope. While some are fortunate to be placed in foster homes that are suitable for them, others struggle to go from one foster care to another. Constantly changing schools, that eventually affects their performance in school. There are an estimated 92, 728 children are still in foster care in the United States, among that population includes children that considered to risk in society (Harland, Lynette, 2014).
The relation of social work practice to this study is that they are usually the number one profession that is called in for intervention. They are mostly faced with some of the challenges of finding solutions to possibly address the need of the children and be their advocate. In a school…

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