Personal Statement : My Experience With Adhd And Dyslexia Essay examples

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Personal Statement

In a way, I think I was lucky. Since I struggled with ADHD and dyslexia in my childhood, I never had the opportunity to be intelligent in a traditional way. After shifting between special education and gifted & talented through most of my elementary career, I learned to embrace different ways of thinking, which inspired in me a lifelong curiosity about human behavior and motivation. Also, I learned to appreciate and apply an understanding that people have different world views and skill sets, and that made me very successful working with different types of people, including those considered outside the “normal” range. This has been helpful in creating and supporting working teams such as those that utilize both the techies from science/engineering, and those coming from a business background.

I think at the core of any person who wants to change the world, is a person who is unhappy with the world in some way and wants to fix it – whether it’s for themselves or others. I am no exception.

My parents were unconventional and believed in pushing boundaries. I went to a Waldorf prekindergarten class in southern Mexico while my Mom collected research for her dissertation. The first half of my elementary school was in inner city Denver where we were the only white family on our block, and where I attended a Montessori magnet elementary school. I have fond memories of playing in the front yard of my friend’s section 8 housing. Both of my parents were also…

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