Essay about Personal Statement : My Career Goals

2225 Words Dec 12th, 2016 9 Pages
My career goals in life is to become an Elementary School teacher, preferably in kindergarten. The reasons I am considering this job, is because I think that teaching young children is shaping the future of America. I love children and by helping them learn and expanding their knowledge, brings joy to my heart. Knowing that I can somehow make a small change in the world. The top three values that are most important to me have been the same all my life it seems like. Organization, being a teacher, I will need my life organized. I must always make sure I have my papers organized, as well as my classroom. By having my papers and classroom organized, my days would run smoother, because I would know where everything is located. Communication is another important value to me. This will be important for my future career, because I should communicate daily with my students, students’ parents, the faculty in the school, other students, and the community. My last value I find important is responsibility. I have been taught all my life to accept responsibility in my actions, accomplishments, mistakes, and daily things. By owning up to my mistakes as a teacher, it will let the children know that even I my mistakes and it is okay. Three skills I have that are important and how they will make me successful. Flexibility, as a teacher I must forever have this skill. My day-to-day schedule might change due to a delay or something else. With being flexibility, I can adapt to the change and…

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