Personal Statement For Teaching In High School

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I grew up in a household, which valued reading but it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I truly fell in love with the liberal arts. My seventh grade English teacher used Shakespeare to exemplify the modern dramatic literature style. Her passion for teaching and fondness of classical works instilled an eagerness to explore further literature. My deep-seated appreciation for English became stronger in high school, as I discovered authors such as Dostoyevsky and Hardy. My interest in the sciences also came to fruition when I began my biology courses, under an engaging instructor. If I had not had such amazing teachers throughout my educational experience, I would not have found my own passions. I want to teach in New York City because I …show more content…
Deficits in these areas inhibit the production of the brain, alter the path of maturation, and undermine the emotional and social development children need to be academically successful. As a teacher, I would help students identify and strive toward their maximum potential. Classrooms should provide a rich and diverse learning environment to engage students not only in mastering core subject areas but also in developing and refining their skills in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. Academic success should never be strictly based on grades. Although getting good grades is important, learning how to get along with others and learning how to respect each other’s differences is as equally important. I believe a person has achieved academic success when they have found a balance between school life and personal life. Teacher’s goals should be to produce students who possess intellectual, social and life skills that are adaptable, culturally respectful, and …show more content…
To what extent do you believe these strategies will be successful?
My first attempt to help improve my student’s academic performance, I would try to set up extra class time or afterschool hours for individual help or tutoring. I believe the individual help may aid my student in better understanding the instructions and assignments given. The individual attention may also reduce anxiety of asking questions or participating during class and can increase performance.
If my own assessments show that my student is below grade level, it would lead me to believe she needs greater assessment to determine an individualized education plan. The school psychologist may be the best source of information, and since either the school or the parents can request an evaluation to determine the causes of a child’s learning problems, I would request an evaluation. I believe the evaluation would be successful in providing the necessary information to develop an

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