Personal Statement For My Counseling Thesis Essay

1967 Words Nov 29th, 2016 8 Pages
Introduction As I was deciding upon a topic to write for my counseling thesis, I asked my elders at my church about what would be a pertinent topic that would apply to the needs of the church. They responded by saying the majority of their counseling is in regards to relationship, and one in particular: adult-children and their relationship with their parents. Their answer somewhat surprised me, but as I stuck with this topic I began to realize how this problem was something that has affected many members in my church in the past and some in the present. I also began to see my elders heart to help many people at my church who struggle with as an adult with their parents. This problem is not just isolated to my church, but is a wider issue for all Christians, in particular for the Asian Christian community. Below are some quotes from members from my church that reveal the pain in their relationships with their parents:
One member responded about her bitterness towards her mother, “When I was young, I would wake up almost every Saturday to the sound of my mother being very violently angry towards my father.”
Another member said of his bitterness towards his father, “They stem from projecting my ideal father unto my imperfect father. Most of all, it relates to his pride and lack of humility. Hard to see godly Christian character in his life.”
Another female member described her struggle with her mother and her faith, “For my mother, my disappointment mostly comes…

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