My Graduation Analysis

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I am the first person in my family to seek higher education. Majority of my family, roughly 75%, have never been educated past a basic high school education. My father has a few certifications specific to his field of work, fiber-optic technology. My mother went to Ball State for a brief time, but ended up being a housewife instead. She wasn’t really interested in college; her grades were poor when she attended. Perhaps she picked the wrong major, but she is content with not going back. Despite the fact I never finished high school, I wanted to continue my education. I worked my butt off and got my GED, General Education Diploma, around same time my class was scheduled to graduate (2013). I paid for this on my own. After a few months of working …show more content…
I aced the certification exam. Shortly after the New Year of 2014, I find employment at a small nursing facility in a small town just outside of Muncie, called Yorktown. It was less than 100 beds in the facility. It has changed management since I have been there, I’m not sure what it is called now. I enjoyed working there. I ended up leaving after a few months, but not for the work requirements. The management of the company refused to pay me for 3 weeks I was there. They claimed they “lost” the papers, and my “clock ins could not be validated”. I was furious. I threatened to call the Department of Labor, and put in my two weeks’ notice. I got my pay three days before my two weeks’ was up. I found employment with another nursing facility before my time was up at the home in Yorktown, this time in Muncie. Again, I enjoyed my work. However, I began to see again the business practices of nursing homes is flawed. We were constantly understaffed. Every staff member ended up doing the work of 3 people. I was exhausted, mentally and physically. I was heartbroken, all I wanted to do was help people. I couldn’t physically do the work of 3 or more people by myself. After working there 6 months, and working my 5th 50-hour week, I gave a two weeks’ notice to this

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