Personal Statement : Elementary School My Desk Essay

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8) Organization
Growing up, I was the least organized person on the planet. In elementary school my desk was always a wreck, in middle and high school my lockers looked like they had a mini-tornado inside them, and my binders and notebooks were always in disarray. This was something I started improving on in high school, when I was left without parent and teacher assists to get through my classes. Having gone to a heavy college-prep high school, I had to get organized to be able to pass my classes.

As soon as I got through that initial phase of starting to be organized, the trait continued to grow, and I now am able to organize myself, and have the desire as a manager to organize others on a grander scale. This being said, my organization skills are not the best, but it is something I have improved on greatly since my early days, and now do well enough to do professionally.
To continue to improve on this skill, I want to work on maintaining the things I already have organized. I’ve discovered I’m very good at getting what I need organized, but when it comes to maintaining that organization my skills still fall short. Very simple things like keeping my laundry organized day to day, instead of doing it all on Sundays like usual. By starting to take basic steps daily to maintain my previously organized tasks, I can work on my overall organizational skills. 9) Communication
Communication is one of my top three valued skills within the workplace. I truly believe that…

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