Personal Statement : Athletic Trainer Essay

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Ever since the 9th grade I had finally decided to become an Athletic Trainer. An Athletic Trainer to me is just a permanent water girl. It does have a label but everyone has always told me “You’re just going to stay a water girl forever aren’t you?” But an Athletic Trainer is a healthcare professional that collaborates with a physician. Ever since I became a water girl I knew I had to do something with sports. Sports has always been a major benefactor in my life. From the time I was four till I was about twelve, I played softball. I soon lost the interest in that but I have four brothers so I’ve always been around football and basketball. Plus with my mom being the cheer coach at school I fiddled around with that too. But football has always had it’s soft spot within my heart. When I came into the 7th grade I joined the team as the water girl and since then I have never given up. I’m going on strong with six years
(counting 7th grade). Then when 9th grade came along I took on baseball. So water girling has just always been there for me. So when I figured out about Athletic Training I fell in love with the idea.
Athletic Training would suit me in many ways because I would get to not only be around the sports I am now, but more that we don’t have at the high school. I get branch out at college. I would say my push for pursuing this career would have been our Athletic Trainer last year. Her name was Kori
Brannan. She was like a big sister to me and was the big deciding factor…

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