Personal Statement: A Career For A Social Work Field

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The profession of Social Work introduced itself to me at a very tender age. My personal interest in the social work field was solidified when I lived with my paternal aunt and her abusive ex-husband. At age 13, my traits of compassion, empathy and patience allowed me to mentor and guide my aunt when she was most vulnerable. For the past half decade, I have maintained a constant and consistent path to social work, with the hope to obtain my LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) and empower our most vulnerable populations in hospitals and medical centers. Over the last four years, I have immersed myself in human service and social work courses. My interaction with both fields reviled political and public policies’ issues facing our health care …show more content…
Even more importantly, this multidisciplinary approach is essential for responding to today 's social problems faced within underprivileged communities, which I grew up a part of. My commitment to aid from an integrated healthcare method and to a career in inter-professional healthcare is to be one of the millions of clinical social workers functioning to foster a long-term response to health disparities in African-American communities and amongst underprivileged citizens. When my aunt experienced intimate abuse and nearly died in multiple hospitals, at no point did she receive quality healthcare or behavioral health care due to her inability to compensate medical fees or afford health insurance. My grandfather had a serve hemorrhagic stroke, which paralyzed him from the neck down. For two years, my family fraught for community-based care as if it was an unknown concept in medical practice. On the other hand, vulnerable individuals, such as the diverse group described above, have complicated and ongoing needs (which frequently are part-medical, part-physical, part-psychological, and part-social), experience difficulties in everyday living, require a mix of services delivered sequentially or simultaneously by multiple providers, and receive both cure and care in home, community and institutional settings. I am confident that as a trained social worker, I will refuse to witness such dysfunction, and through a career in inter-professional health care, I can directly improve health across the lifespan of segments of our disadvantaged communities. Not only I am committed to becoming a licensed clinical social worker, I am devoted to taking an active role in how clinicians and our society decide how we deal with providing the best quality of care for all citizens. I look forward to addressing the nation’s urgent needs and clients’ complex situations to support our most vulnerable

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