Personal Responsibility Essays

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Personal responsibility is the act of taking ownership of and doing the basic things we are expected to do socially, morally and legally. Admitting that we are wrong is not always an easy task, but when we do make mistakes, we have the responsibility to make things right and we need to accept the consequences that come from our actions. Not all consequences are bad. For example, if you are responsible and do your assignments well and take your time, you have a positive consequence of a good grade to look forward to. Accepting the consequences is not easy either, but in turn, it helps us to realize that it is easier to do the right thing the first time, instead of going through the process of negative consequences. Because we are human, we …show more content…
. (2010, October 10(3), 387-402). In family and work lives, it is important for us to lead and to help teach others how to take responsibility. Goodness is so hard for us as adults, but it is so much harder for a child. The following is such a great quote from Parents & parenting Trade Journal, “Parents are responsible for providing their children with a moral compass. They need to nurture and treasure goodness in their children. Raising good, moral children is the most important job parents will have”. . (2002 Summer 78(4), 236-237). Children don’t fully understand the true consequences of their actions yet. As parents, we should try to instill every ounce of goodness in the hearts of our children. We can try to help them understand consequences by asking them to put themselves in the shoes of others. If they see a situation in a different viewpoint, they are more likely to understand they impact they have and their consequences. We can tell our children many things, but the best way to teach them is by example. They need to have a positive influence to help them see our commitment and help them gain their own moral compass.

In conclusion, even though outside influences

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