The Role Of Responsibility In The Charmer By Budge Wilson

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One of the reasons responsibility is a difficult task is because it's easy to recognize but hard to take into action, an example would be telling a loved one unpleasant news. This is seen in “The Charmer” a short story that is written by Budge Wilson. In “The Charmer”, Initially, Winifred’s family never took responsibility for Zachary’s actions and he was seen as an angel with his charming ways. Zachary’s Charm allowed him to be excused from punishments and scoldings. However since the family failed to recognize these acts of rebellion and avoidance that only caused Zachary’s schemes to become progressively worse. Consequently, when the family gave Zachary an ultimatum in hope for a change, it was too late because his ways were already set. …show more content…
Winnifred has children, her mother becomes "senile early in her late sixties." Not being able to change Zachary was haunting the mother and this caused her to repeatedly remind herself that her actions were "too late" to take into account. Each family member is still hurt by Lizzie and still does not forget that only did they not lose one child, they lost two. Fast forward to Winifred's Adulthood. Winnifred learns from her family's mistake and makes sure her children are responsible under her authority. Each character takes a toll on the loss of two family members but instead of regretting and mourning longer, Winnifred develops into a mature character who takes ownership of mistakes and continues to live life with her children and husband. She still thinks of Zachary because her daughter Stephanie acts like him at times. She learns that not taking responsibility and scolding her children would only cause pain for them in the future because like zack, initially everything will be fine but turn up against your favors and will haunt her if she does not confront it. She does that when Stephanie, her child causes a ruckus, Stephanie creates a mess and like zachary begins to try to charm Winnifred. Instead of allowing the charm to consume her, she takes a new route and disciplines her daughter preventing another Zachary to reincarnate. Winnifred`s daughter, Stephanie, is seen as a "quick-tempered" and often reminds the Winnifred of the laughter that was once in her family. But because of Zachary, Winnifred learned that you have to have discipline and expectations laid down in order for Stephanie to not walk the same path as

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