Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal responsibility is essential in everyday life. Strong personal responsibility is essential to academic success. Most people think that personal responsibility is needed only in making the grade in high task/high output jobs. This is a true statement! People need to have the fortitude to complete our jobs, manage our money, and organize our lives. As we embark in higher education, especially an online environment, it is essential that we possess a higher level of personal responsibility. We know how important personal responsibility is in our everyday lives, but taking it up a notch is essential in the successful completion our degrees! It is also a detriment to our grades and ultimately our graduation if we choose not to …show more content…
It is also a great way to show the children it is important to have personal responsibility. We need to wake up on time, whether it is to go to work or take the little ones to school. Most people practice this in their everyday lives. To be truly successful in school, though, it needs to be taken up a notch or two.
Strong personal responsibility is essential in doing well in college and achieving academic success. We see how there must be responsibility in our lives. To achieve academic success we must have a stronger level of personal responsibility! If there is a certain level just to carry out our daily lives, adding to that must add to the amount of personal responsibility required to get “As” in class. Going to work and juggling school is a daunting task that requires the use of time management and the intestinal fortitude to get everything done. Even in the example above; the man or woman getting up, taking the children to school, cleaning the house, and making a great dinner is hard work. With a great deal of personal responsibility, this person can write down their schedule, put in time for class and assignments and also get the regular tasks done. I am tired just writing this!
This is twofold. Not only does this person need to plan school around life but also the amount of personal responsibility is elevated to achieve success. Studying for tests, writing papers, and going to class require discipline. Discipline is the trait that we possess to “get

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