Essay about Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Renae Kimball

Personal Responsibility
Sometimes, it is easier to let someone else make decisions, but everyone will come to a moment in their lives when they need to be the one to take control. When this moment happens, the person who makes the choices and decisions will establish a level of personal responsibility. I plan to discuss what person responsibility means, how I apply personal responsibility to life and my college experience, and I will show a plan to practice personal responsibility. The concept of personal responsibility can be impossible to define, as it is a relative term. Everyone has his or her own thoughts and ideas on what it entails. In Dr. Frank Thomas’s manuscript American Dream
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College is a great time to start applying personal responsibility to every day life. Not only is deciding to go back to school a great way to start showing personal responsibility, so is every decision made during this time. A college path allows a student to take control of their decisions and make responsible and mature choices. There comes a moment when deciding what is more important staying in on a Saturday night and writing a rough draft or going to the movies with friends. This example is one small decision that a student will have to make. As much as college is a time to grow and to utilize personal responsibility, it is also a time to experience life. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009) conducted a survey from 2005 to 2009 focusing on how the average college student spends an average weekday. The following chart shows the results:

The graph shows that an average college student spends almost an equal amount of time on educational activates as they do on leisure time. When making the decision of what do on a Saturday I make sure the repercussions are considered first. A key to mixing personal responsibility and college is balance. I believe personal responsibility is achievable by having a successful college experience and an active social life that will come from making

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