Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility with Time

Personal Responsibility
Success in college today is a balancing act of time; without balance between the academic career and a personal life, one will sometimes falter.
Most people attending college today have a personal responsibility to a family as well as an academic career. For a person to be successful in college the right balance in both academic and a personal life must be found. Devotion to one without the other can often lead to neglect. Personal responsibility is in knowing the commitment required to reach the goal. It is about accountability for the impact a commitment to goals has on others. This commitment is time. A person often believes success in life when being able to
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I primarily liked the portion that states “when you say don’t have enough time, you might really be saying that you’re not spending the time you do have in the way that you want.” (Toft, 2011, p. 61). I intend to employ the use of Google Calendar to schedule my time for doing schoolwork. In a letter to a group of freshmen attending Oklahoma State University in 1996, Dr. Patrick M. Murphy wrote Murphy (n.d.), "Learn to Manage Your Time – make and follow a daily schedule that includes priority time for classes, reading and writing assignments, exam preparation, meals, exercise, a job, and social activities.” (para. 14). In my being able to schedule time for schoolwork and other aspects of my daily routine, I see that the amount of stress will reduce as I will not take time away from my family for my studies.
In conclusion, success is a balancing act of time between a personal life and college success for two main reasons. First, support for continuing education is a must. Second, the family support for the individual improves the chances of success. Without equal time devoted to both, one will feel neglected.

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