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Personal Responsibility Brings Success in Education
Michele Blevins
GEN 200
February 2, 2013
Kelly Gross

Personal responsibility and personal growth go hand-in-hand with success in education. Personal responsibility is the key to success in school. Responsibility goes hand-in-hand with success, happiness, and achievement.
A person has to be mentally able to accept personal responsibility and delegate their responsibility appropriately. “The acceptance of personal responsibility is what separates the adult from the child. It’s that leap into maturity that distinguishes your ability to accept responsibility” (Johnson, Geal). Accepting that you are responsible for what you choose to feel or
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When you take 100 percent responsibility for holding yourself accountable, your performance will improve, your relationships will flourish and you will be a great example for others to follow, and your self-esteem will grow. While you appreciate others helping you get better, you must understand that you are the one that must hold yourself to a high standard.
You have to have successful strategies for becoming a successful student. You have many more classes to juggle and less time to spare it’s best to devise a specific study schedule for each class. You will need to consider your syllabus when planning this schedule so that you cover all of the areas you need to for tests and set aside time for reports and projects. You need to find an appropriate place to study. Somewhere that is quiet and you feel comfortable. While trying to be a successful student it is important to take breaks. Go hang out with friends or just do whatever helps you relax and recharge. You do not want to overload yourself with school this can cause you to burn out.
In conclusion, although you may have outside influences or disturbances, personal responsibility is key to being successful in school for two main reasons. First, accepting responsibility, personal growth and most important is holding oneself accountable for your actions.

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