Essay on Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility GEN/200 June 30, 2013

Personal responsibility not only affects you but those close to you and society as a whole.
Personal responsibility is defined as someone taking charge of their actions for which they are solely responsible. Personal responsibility starts with commitment and dedication. This means that I hold myself accountable for all of the things that I do or don’t do. When someone is committed to doing the right thing, he or she has to follow through and do the things that are required. Taking care of my family is my personal responsibility; I want to provide a good life for them and take a personal interest in my children’s education and success in life. When it comes to my education, I am
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Personal responsibility does not stop once you have a degree. As parents we have to be a role model for our children, we have to teach them how to be responsible for their actions and teach them how to set goals in life. We also have to teach our children the importance of an education. Our involvement in our children lives on a daily basis will teach them to be fiscally responsible and the importance of family.
As a member of society, we are taught at a young age to follow rules and regulations, this follows us until adulthood so that we may adapt to what is essentially right or wrong. Common sense can tell us that, however we are responsible for the choices we make, whether good or bad, and the implications it may have. If one does not learn to abide by rules from a young age, that individual will have great difficulty adjusting. This goes back to teaching our children to being responsible and holding them accountable for their actions, so that they will be prepared for whatever future choices or decisions they make.
Personal responsibility does not start or end with you; everything you do or don’t do cannot only affect you but others around you. Recognizing ones actions and making adjustments according to the outcome is key to a successful future, we are measured not only by our accomplishments but what we undertake and experience is one of our greatest teachers. Life is a gift in which we have been given to do as

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