Personal Note On Social Media Essay

875 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Have you ever lived without using social media? I felt the urge to go on the internet and tried not to place my hands on my laptop or cellphone.

I was a little motivated to avoid Social Media. I constantly told myself that I could do it. I sat down and thought of what I needed to do. I glanced over and saw my cell phone. I was actually going for it but I decided not to. I was literally going crazy and fought myself to stay unplugged from the internet. Hours later, I realized that I had found ways to survive without social media.

My friends and family’s reactions were a bit confused. I have contacted my friends and family through text messages and told them that I’ll be going away for 48 hours. They knew that I never stay away and that I would always be around and would interact with them through Social Media. They assumed that something went wrong. They judged too quickly and realized that it was just part of my assignment. They laughed and didn’t think that I would survive. However, they were slightly right. I slipped up and cheated for just ten minutes by accident because they contacted me on Thanksgiving Day. They wanted to know the buzz code for my apartment building to enter in. I realized that I cheated for a bit. I went back and start all over again, not to touch any digital devices.

My personal experiences were amazing and life changing. I have never done the digital sabbatical for before. I actually want to thank my teacher for this opportunity to…

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