Essay on Personal Note On Personal Effectiveness Game Plan

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Personal Effectiveness Game Plan Throughout the semester we have covered a wide variety of topics concerning gender and generational areas of study. While there are specific areas of these topics where I am strong, there are also areas where I could use some improvement. Throughout this paper I will analyze my strengths and weaknesses as relates to the materials we have learned in this course about gender and generational information. This paper will serve as a roadmap for my future actions for improvement. To start off, I have several areas where I am strong when it comes to gender and generational topics we covered in class. One area that I am strong in is working alongside and communicating with the Baby Boomer generation both inside the workplace as well as in everyday life. The Boomer generation is my grandparent’s generation and in a way I believe that that is a major reason why I am able to communicate and work effectively with them; they remind me of my grandparents. My grandparents were constantly in my life growing up and they helped to raise me in a sense and taught me to respect my elders, and to listen to them, help them when needed, and communicate with them. Everything they taught me about communicating and working with Boomers has stuck with me and I still follow today. This is a major reason why I have no problem working and communicating with the Baby Boomer’s generation. Another area that I am strong in is working with a diverse group of people.…

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