Essay about Personal Note On Personal Change

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Personal Change For a few years now, I have considered the making a sound decision of going back to the academic arena of teaching continuing education classes in September for the fall semester. In the past, I have taught evening continuing education classes to adult students, who were enrolled in a medical billing certificate program. I miss teaching in the classroom, and I thoroughly enjoy the students. The courses I taught were technology geared toward Microsoft Office. Since I made the decision to no longer teach and return to the university to complete my bachelor’s degree, this personal change is something that I have been considering. However, there are internal and external forces that exist that may impact this personal change. Furthermore, I may encounter some resistance with family members supporting me in working longer hours that may impact my final decision.
Personal Change This personal change of going back into the classroom affords me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience teaching multiple Microsoft Office applications. According to Petty and Thomas, (2004), “Many adults are having to set their sights on obtaining sufficient skills to be more marketable for employment” (p. 473). Teaching students the techniques to successfully operate Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint has been very rewarding to me and is also something I perform in my daily job duties as a Learning Lab Technician.…

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