Personal Narrative: My Red Hockey Stick

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There, up on the shelf, sits my shiny red hockey stick. The white tape is worn from my last time on the ice. Black puck marks on the white tape stand out and haunt me back to my last competitive hockey game that resulted in a devastating loss. No, it is not just any hockey stick. The stick that now sits and collects dust followed me on a long journey to places including New York City, Minneapolis, and Pittsburg. At times, it would feel me tremendously shaking with nerves and other times holding it with joy after a struggling victory. Though this stick has been with me through these described events, there is one story only the stick would know most vividly. This story is brought to my mind every time I see it sitting steadily on the shelf in my garage waiting for its next use. Growing up, hockey was the love of my life. Every weekend was spent at an ice arena. I grew out many different hockey sticks, but the stick I ordered after my sophomore year of high school stands out the most. After breaking my stick in the last game of the season, I had the opportunity to talk my dad into buying the brand-new top of the line stick. When I pulled it off the rack, I knew it was the one. It was light as a feather and the …show more content…
I was drafted in a junior hockey league from a team out of Wichita Falls, Texas. Hockey is different than most collegiate sports. The majority of freshman on college hockey team are around twenty years of age. Junior hockey is for ages sixteen to twenty-one and is made for developing players to play college hockey. Most of college recruiting is done in junior hockey. I was left with the hardest decision of my life. Do I stay at my high school with my family and friends or pursue my dream of playing college hockey and living with a host family thousands of miles away from anyone I

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