Essay on Personal Note On Personal Behavior

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Having worked in retail for several years, I realized that you had to develop certain types of skills to bring in your customer. Being myself only worked so often so I knew I had to change up something to really drive in more sales for my company and to cement my way into keeping my job. After just several months I started to inherit a form of social influence, that being persuasion. Whenever I was with a customer I would always try to use certain “tricks” to get in their head in order to get them to buy more of my company’s product and explaining to them different deals I could get them that would benefit them in the long run. Recently my own mother fell victim to the influence of persuasion. Just this weekend I took a trip back home to visit my mother out in Victorville. During my time spent there my mom told me she needed to go to Verizon so she could get her phone upgraded, since she was due for one, and her phone had gotten to the point where it was just unbearable to use anymore. Once I had made it the house I picked her up and we drove to the nearest Verizon store. As soon as we got there and walked through the doors of the store we were immediately greeted with what seemed to be one of the most joyful workers in the world, except for one who just seemed laid back and playing with his phone on the job. However, that coworker quickly went from being laid back and uncaring to being professional once he noticed he had the chance to bring in a sale. This was already…

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