Personal Note On Career Skills Essay

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Career Cruising
Interests and skills are two separate things, but are both important while considering different careers. Skills are something one may be good at, because they are talented or are trained to do that specific skill. A skill I have would be graphic design. An interest is something one might be looking into or considering, and they often do not know if they have the skill. Skills can also be interests, as graphic design is also one of my interests. However, having an interest in something does not always mean that one will have the skills to do it. On the other hand, one can have skills, yet not be interested in the career. Knowing and weighing your skills and interests are important for picking a career. Skills often make the career easier, as you’d be familiar with the work. Interests are important to help you find a job you enjoy, and make sure that you’re passionate about the profession. Personally, skills should be looked upon less as they can be gained, while interests stay with you. All in all, both interests and skills must be considered while looking at an occupation.
After taking my “Matchmaker” Quiz, there were three professions that stood out to me; Aerospace Engineer, Nuclear Engineer and Chemical Engineer. All three of these, being in a relatively similar field require university education. Chemical Engineers develop new products for manufacturing and tests any products. The aspect of problem solving and working with people is very…

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