Guinea Pigs

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In about a week from now my dorm mates and I will be recieving a pair of two year old guinea pigs, Pumpkin and Ginger. My mom has had these two guinea pigs for the past year or so and she recently decided that she didn’t want them --- as the has habituated with her pets of the past. She had previously promised my dorm mates and I one of her six cats, but going back on her word she decided she would bestow upon us her guinea pigs instead, we decided we’ll take what we can get. So in preparation for Pumpkin and Ginger’s arrival I have bought them around 6 bags of various snacks, two new beds, I made them a cardboard house, and a crawl tunnel, as well as printed out a list on our dorm wall of all the foods they can and can’t eat. I did the later to hopefully …show more content…
The next day I visited the student help center to register the animals for living in the dorms as emotional service animals. Originally, we were just going to hide the animals every time an RA or other employee of the college came to our dorm, but we then decided that that was too anxiety inducing, and since I just so happen to have severe anxiety and depression, I realised I could have them registered as my own emotional support animals. I’m currently in the process of filling out doccuments and now I need to contact my doctor to get a referal for having the animals. I’ve never lived without a pet and I think having one would really actually help with my depression and anxiety. I have a cat at home in Brookings, Lilly, so I didn’t want to get another cat for myself, I feel like that would be pet cheating. But, I feel like having guinea pigs isn’t the same as a cat, so I feel less guilty about it. Pumpkin and Ginger are sisters raised together from birth. Ginger is white, orange and black, a calico guinea pig, and Pumpkin is orange and

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