Essay on Personal Narrative : The Pleasure Of Cooking

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The Pleasure of Cooking
Have you ever fallen in love with something besides another person; felt passion for it as if it were your career but isn’t. I feel that way when I feel the heat of a stove below my fingertips and the sounds of popping oil. Cooking has not only been by biggest hobby in my lifetime but for a long time it was my only hobby, my only escape from everything else. I started off very young, I must have been six or seven when my grandfather looked down at me and said, “Wanna learn how to make breakfast mijo?” I thought it looked cool at that time watching my grandfather dress up in his apron and doing all kinds of tricks for my cousins and I as a child. I slowly started watching every step he would do when It came to cooking starting from washing his hands to how he served us at the table. He always seemed to enjoy that sense of joy we felt whenever we learnt it was him cooking for us and not my grandmother. Once I had hit 7 he started letting my help him around the kitchen and I enjoyed every bit of it including the cleaning. He showed me how a gas stove top worked and made tortillas for me to show me how to make sure they were done cooking. He went as far showing me how to make and pancakes right before I moved away at the age of eight and smiled telling me, “Just in case you get hungry Lamon.” Once I moved away I instantly wanted to start cooking for me and my sister but now that my mom had my step dad she started to become a house wife and wouldn’t let…

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