Personal Narrative - Original Writing Of The United States Essay

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I came to United States in 2011. In two weeks later, the Burmese interper called my house and said that I can go to school on Monday. I was the first one to goes to school. It was February snow still around. I walked to school by myself, passed all these new streets by myself. It was really cold. I was so nervous. I thought I’m not going to be so confused in school. I enter through main door. The school was so quiet, on my left there is bathroom, on my right there is office. I walked into school with the nervousness in my chest but I pretended to show that I am confident. This girl she wore Hijab like me, she walked toward me. She know that I was one of her friend. Which happened to be my cousin. They know each other so she took me to my cousin class. I stayed in that room with my cousins. They were speaking English, reading, writing, talking to their friends. I was sitting on my chair like a statues. They suddenly stood up and said “ The class is over: let’s go eat breakfast”. I look at them with the confusion. They took my hand and walked out from classroom. In hallway there was a lot of students and teachers. I got a headache. I pulled back my hand toward me and said to my cousins. I’m so dizzy I can’t walked right now, I need a time. They waited me about 45 minutes. They brought juice for me, that made out of orange. I didn’t like the taste of it. But I need to drink for my own good. When I swallow in, the juice stop in my throat. I knew that this juice was not good…

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