Essay on Personal Narrative - Original Writing ' I Made Some Snacks '

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“I 'm glad you could make it,” I said, inviting Chale inside my house. “I made some snacks.”
“Hey.” He looked around, observing the living space. “Never really got a good look in here. Very quaint.”
“Thanks. It 's not much, but it works.” I rubbed my neck shyly. “ like tea? Or coffee?”
“Hm? Oh, coffee please.” He meandered over to the couch, picking up a cheese and cracker combo from the platter of appetizers. I started getting the drinks together. “ was work?” “Alright. How about you?” He asked.
“Didn 't have to do much thankfully. It 's been pretty quiet since the morning rush.” I dropped a tea bag into my cup to steep.
“Need any help out there?”
“Oh? No, no, I 'm fine.” I replied a bit flusteredly.
He walked over to lean on a nearby counter. “Do you have any honey? If that isn’t inconvenient.”
I smiled, biting my lip to try and hide it. “Oh, it’s right here.” I pulled a jar out of the cupboard and got a small spoonful to stir in. “Here 's your coffee.”
He smirked, grabbing the drink. “What 's up with you?”
Crap, I could feel my cheeks getting hot. That look he gave me got me every time and I couldn 't help it. “N-nothing!” I insisted, hurrying out of the kitchen.
The problem with the small space was that he was soon by my side again, only a cushion away.
“How about we watch some TV?” I leaned forward to get the remote.
“Yeah, sounds good.” He picked more food off of the tray and washed it down with a swig of his drink.

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