Personal Narrative - Original Writing And Writing Essay

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I called her until I fell asleep I knew she wasn 't far but I needed to see her. I just needed a chance to apologize and try to get her back but everyday for three fucking weeks she ignored my ass. I knew she was at Redd and Shanice’s house I even went and played with my babies everyday but things weren 't the same. Lyric dam near killed me with the question about why we weren 't in the same house anymore. I had to see her I snuck up to her room but when I saw her balled up in bed crying I couldn 't say shit. It fucked me up seeing her like that knowing my own dumb choices caused all of her pain. Shit even the song she listened to made me wanna cry talking about after a hurricane and how I 'd broken everything in my way and broke her heart leaving her with pain. I backed back out of her room feeling like a weak bitch and bumped right into Lyric. Who pushed the dagger that was poking my heart all the way through, “I miss when it was mommy and daddy. Now all mommy does is cry,” I hugged my baby girl and carried her downstairs. I didn 't know what to say to her how could I tell my baby that I had destroyed my family. That I 'd chose getting my dick wet over being the man my family needed. I stayed with my kids a little longer. I kissed my babies goodbye and vowed to do whatever it took to get my family back. I tried calling Pinky everyday shit ten times a day but she ignored every call never responded to any of my texts. Today I FaceTimed Lyric and she told me they were coming…

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