Personal Narrative Of A Hiking Trip In The Catskill Mountains

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In 2014, something happened to me that I will never forget! That summer, four of my friends and I took a hiking trip in the Catskill Mountains of New York. As I started to think about that trip, I found myself considering the incredible vistas and the great memories I made with my friends; but then I started to realize. The little moments on that trip, the ones that could have caused it to end in success or failure, really transformed it into such an incredible memory.

As young teenagers we planned on taking this hiking trip, but every year we would put it off and wait yet another year. However, in the spring of 2014, while talking to my friend Dan, started talking about hiking and suggested, "Why don't we go on that trip this summer?" Ironically, I objected first!
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About seven miles into the trail, we came to a point where it looked as if the trail went two ways. There was no marker, so we unwisely decided to separate into two groups and check to see what was ahead in both directions. Chris, Gabriel and I went one way for about five minutes until it became clear that we hiked the wrong direction. We turned back to meet up with the Dan and Caleb; however, when we got to the agreed upon spot, they were not there. The unfortunate lack of cell reception caused us to wait for a half hour before deciding to go after them. After hiking for almost an hour, I started to become worried. Suddenly, on the trail in front of us, we caught sight of a man and his son coming our way. Chris ran ahead and asked them, "Hey did you guys happen to see two hikers going that way?" To our relief, the man replied, "Yea, I saw them about twenty minutes ago. I think they were looking for you. They asked me if I saw a group of three guys and said to let you know they found where the trail ended and were going to circle back

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