Personal Narrative: My Top Five Spiritual Gifts

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During the last Servant Leadership II lecture time, we had the opportunity to use the spiritual gift assessment guideline to discover our top five spiritual gifts. Getting to know my strengths and spiritual gifts is a wonderful beginning upon which to build my future health centered career. The spiritual gift assessment had used my responses of varying interpretations to questions that lead determinations of my top five spiritual gifts. My first spiritual gift was knowledge. According to 1 Cor. 12:8, the people with knowledge spiritual gift are able to supernaturally know the facts and answers before acquiring those necessary learnings. My second gift was advised as faith, and I personally believe this gift had played a significant role in my daily life activities. As it was exquisitely mentioned by 1 Cor. 12:9, people having faith tend to trust the God’s ability for supporting His believers. I had personally experienced some incidence in my life that seemed impossible to achieve, but my faith in god had allowed me to overcome all the obstacles. My third spiritual gift was regarded as wisdom. Based on 1 Cor. 12:8, people with wisdom have the talent of guiding people toward positive solutions. As a future pharmacy student, wisdom is a very important trait for me to guide my patient centered cares towards the patient’s best healthy solution. My next spiritual gift was …show more content…
A wise student should completely learn the strengths and start implementing them in their future health care practice, because nothing much will happen unless people gifts are used toward benefiting of the society. Now that I learned about my top five gifts, I am going to develop my skills by taking advantage of formal learning and training opportunities. I will now study the biblical messages, and seek out about other people who seemed to have a similar gift as me to further expand my knowledge at every spiritual

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