Personal Narrative: My Passion For A Car

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Surprisingly, my passion for cars grew when I started mowing lawns at the age of 8. That small two stroke engine was an opening for something bigger. My first car restoration was a 1957 Porsche Speedster 356a. It was a car resting in a grave it made itself with the elements eating away at it. When I finally brought forth its beautiful something would always fail when driving like steering bolt breaks, oil tube blows, and the latest a transmission linkage deteriorates. With the beginning of summer approaching I was invited to a party in Edmond. Granted, myself being in Piedmont causes for a great journey up there. While I knew the host, I didn 't know the people attending. Of course I wanted to be the stand out of the crowd. Certainly I had just the one thing to help me with this desire. My Porsche Speedster was obviously the car I was going to take when I took this …show more content…
About half a mile down the road we come to a stop sign. He takes off and as soon as I hit first gear I noticed something wrong. The car wouldn’t shift into second and I tried, tried then I stalled the car. I was sitting under an overpass of I-35 on Waterloo road. I looked at my watch and the time read 10:35. It was a cold summer night especially that I was sitting without the convertible top on. I dragged out my phone and called my mother. She got my brother up who was excited to hear from me and even cheered in joy when he heard how far I was. Now it was a waiting game. I didn 't like the idea of sitting underneath an overpass so I started the car up and desperately tried to get the care into first. Eventually I got the car in first and I knew if I tried to get it into second I would stall the car again. I ran two stop signs going about ten miles per hour. I drove on the side of the road and it was oddly busy that night till I reached a gas station about a mile away from where I started out that still had its lights

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