Stock Car Racing Research Paper

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In the year of 1932 stock car racing was banned but the prohibition ended in 1933. Stock car racing spread like wildfire across America. There was a certain moment when everything eve clicked into place inside my mind. It seemed such a simple thing to understand but sometime it's easier said than done. It last winter when we got my stock car and I was very excited to get it. My dad and I started working on my stock car. It was about 10 to 11 months later when we got it completed. It looked like a 1982 monte carlo but a different bumper and nose. It was last summer when I was able to start to drive it. I was 13 when I first got to drive it. I remember the sound of my car when I turned over the motor. The sound was really loud even though I …show more content…
I had gotten better at it then yesterday. So I was starting to set the car up for the corner and when I went around the corner I didn't spin out I made it the second time. Then I made it a third time then a fourth time until i made it every single time I went around the corner. My dad was happy that I was setting the car up for the corner right to we didn't have to practice so many times a day. I remember that my dad said” Boy you are getting good at this. Soon your going to be as good as me.”After that day I could set my car up right for the corner every time. I was really happy that I was getting better at setting up my car I remember that when I did it a couple more time it became second nature for me. When I look back on me trying to learn how to set up my car it seems funny that I couldn't figure it out. Now it seems simple to set my car up for a corner. I guess what kept me from giving up is that I wouldn't be able to drive me stock car if I gave up on trying to set it up. Plus I couldn't let my dad show me up at the race track either. I'm glad that I didn't quit and kept trying because that wouldn’t of done any good if I gave up then I wouldn't know how to drive my car. The lesson I learned is to never give up when something doesn't go my

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