Personal Narrative : My Life Story Essay

727 Words Oct 15th, 2016 3 Pages
Life itself is a story, and although I would want to share my entire life story to give a clear understanding of who I am and why I am this way, I suppose I should not overwhelm. My life is full of great stories: stories of victory, of trial and error, of loss and failure, and of perseverance and strength. However, there is one particular adventure I encountered that accounts for most of who I am and forever will be; that being the year my father went to war. I had grown up in the military; I had moved form place-to-place and experienced many months where my dad was away. Every time my father was deployed I had full assurance of his return, but one time I was not so sure. It was in 2010 and my dad had been assigned to go overseas to Iraq. None other deployment had been so risky for he had not truly been on the battlefields before, and during this time Iraq and Afghanistan were the hot spots for danger. I was the oldest child in the family, a measly nine and a half years old at the time, and was unknowing of the trial that lied ahead. I knew that my dad was going to war and that there was a chance he would not make it back. It was the same risk all soldiers took. What I could not comprehend was the feeling of knowing that when he was overseas nor the impact it would have on the entire family.
One night, as my dad tucked my brother and I into bed, we said we loved him and that we could not wait for his return. The following morning I awoke to a house a quit house as if…

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