Personal Narrative: My Journey To Liberty University

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The greatest way to go into something and receiving great things, is by having a great mindset. For example, I am freshmen college student here at Liberty University. Just like any college freshmen, you sometimes have no clue what to expect but you arrive with the mindset of hopefully wanting to receive great things. Before I arrived to Liberty University, I knew how I wanted my life to be due to growing up and being around the same people my entire life. I wanted a great group of friends that I immediately wanted to connect with during my first few days of college. I also knew that college would be stressful and I would cry many times. But what I did not expect to happen was to go through major withdraws because I missed my parents and my close relationships back home so much. How have I been impacted by the change here? I …show more content…
Now, I sometimes regret being here. I sometimes regret coming to a Christian University because I feel like a lot of the normal college experience is taken away. I am not able to just drive 1-3 hours home like many. But I know this one thing; I know that God wanted me here and I have to remember the why. I came in as a Business Communications major but God shifted that this week to Worship. I am a worshipper but I had doubts about pursuing that degree. I am excited about changing my major to worship because I know that God wants to use me mightily to share my gift with the world. That is why I am here, to gain the tools necessary to walk in my purpose. On the whole, I have already experienced many emotions in just 3 weeks of being in college. I did not think it would be like this but the rollercoaster I have been on is pushing me to trust God. I know that I have to be more open to receive relationships and to go out and be a part of the campus but I also know that there is a timing for everything, every season, every

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