Essay on Personal Narrative : My Ideal Classroom

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My Ideal Classroom It has been a long and bumpy ride throughout my college career, I have spent the last five years working hard and overcoming adversity to become a teacher and the fact of the matter is, it is almost here. The moment I have been working for is right around the corner, next semester we will begin our full time student teaching. If that does not scare you then let this sink in, a year from now we will be in our own classroom with our own class. Although there is still some time until then, we should really begin to get an idea of what our classroom will look like. While understanding that there is a high chance we will not have the resources and funds to create our actual “ideal classroom” it is good to think about and imagine how to improvise so you can bring that dream to life. I will discuss in depth what the class I am observing looks like and what I would like my ideal classroom to look like. I am lucky enough to have been placed at Drayton Hall Elementary School in Ms. Barnett’s second grade classroom. Mrs. Barnett is a very organized and positive individual, it is no surprise that her classroom is also organized. Her classroom has three doors in total, one door that is the entrance/exit, another one leads to the playground which is located in the back corner of the classroom and the last door is an entrance/exit to the bathroom. There is a sign in/out clipboard next to the bathroom so students can sign in/out and Ms. Barnett can use this to see how…

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