Personal Narrative : ' My Heart Down ' By ' I Don 't You Trust My Instincts '

1203 Words May 17th, 2016 5 Pages
My heart dropped. I read the tweet a second time. ‘What a fun day! I wish I could relive it over and over again, with my friends and my amazing boyfriend.’ The image attached to it had a boy and a girl, smiling at the camera.
“That’s him,” I couldn’t take my eyes off of the photo.
“What a jerk,” I finally broke my gaze and looked at my close friend, Jay, on the computer screen next to me. “I told you to stay away from that guy. Why don’t you trust my instincts?”
“I don’t want to hear this right now. I’m going,” my voice was starting to crack, “goodbye.”
I ended the skype call and shut my laptop quickly. I just sat there, in my chair, emotionless. I didn’t want to be going through this again. I’m not strong enough to handle this news. The sounds of birds chirping, lawnmowers and the smell of freshly cut grass, turned to silence and seemed to vanish. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have put all of my trust into someone who treats me like crap? Why did I not suspect he was going to do this again? I should’ve listened to what my friends have tried to tell me countless times. All I can do is blame myself right now. My head snapped to a sudden noise and my senses came flooding back to me. I picked up my phone and read my latest text. A cheesy ‘I love you so much’ was all that was said. I considered just acting dumb and pretending I never found out about this, to keep our relationship the way it is. I replied with a simple ‘I love you too’. The other part of me wanted…

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