Max Abarron And Judith Analysis

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Max,Abarron, and Judith . They are the best,but Judith is one of my closest friends. Then Max and Abarron started hang out with us then we just came best friends. We are mostly like the same things. We hanging out like all the time after school or when we don’t have school. I love the track. I love running,and I race my friends. I always win. We are all Jews. My favorite food is A juicy brisket. My mother’s makes the best. I was born on May 1,1930 my favorite subject is math.I’m really good in math and get A’s.I love my dog.She’s gives me Comfort when I‘m sad.I love the way i’m living and how I’m having a great life with my friends and family.

In 1940-44 butler attacked my city. One by one my family and friends went away don’t know where
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The kids that were not Jewish,they were call me a dirty Jew.They were coming for the children next so my family had to hide me. When the Nazi came to come look at the apartment . I was hiding in a room that the locks on inside ,but the door looks like a wall on the outside. When the Nazi left my mother would knock on the door three times. My father told my mom and I that me staying here is not a good idea. He said I need to stay with someone that's non- Jew. One of my mother friend’s were not Jewish and said that she could take me until things were over. She was scared one day and didn't come to get me. She didn't want her friends known I was there,but the next day she came and got me. My mother and father told me that they come and get me when things are over and everything is fine. I cried because I thought I would never see them again. I went to her house,she has a husband and one kid. She had a daughter name Sammy she was my age. She didn't like me at first because I was a Jew ,but later on she started liking me. My mother friend name was Mrs.Roberson. Mr. Roberson didn’t really like me he thought I was going to get them caught and shot. When people would come over I would have to

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