Personal Narrative : My Family And My Home Essay example

1251 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Help. I couldn 't shout out the screams. I couldn 't shout out the blood. I couldn 't shout out my own tears that ran down my face. Help. Darkness surrounded me like a blanket; it covered me to head to toe. Help. I ran through the snow, but every step I took it seemed to drag me down. Every step I took felt like a heart-break. I couldn 't look back, I couldn 't stop. When snow started to fall, that 's when blood started to run. When I looked back, I stopped to remember that my locket was on my dresser. My gold locket. The gold locket made of pure gold. When you opened it sang a lullaby, on the right side of the locket you could see all the gears, and on the left side was a picture of me and my dad. So were my family and my home. Even my favorite doll was left. When I stopped to look at the world once more; I remembered my family how were no longer there. I remembered on Christmas Eve my dad gave it to me. He called me his little princess. He kissed me good night and tucked me in. That was the last thing he said to me before he died. I remembered all the times we spent together. When I left my house in fear and blood, I couldn 't stand to look back at the home that once was. The only thing that kept me going was a scream of a little girl". That scream was mine. I ran through snow, which dragged me down with every step I took. The darkness of the sky 's surrounded me like a blanket. The darkness started to devoured me like no tomorrow. When the snow stated to fall through…

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