Personal Narrative: My Experience Of My Best Friend

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I had a best friend that I had been friends with for ten years. Her name is Chyanne, we met in kindergarten when we both went to Anderson elementary. In Second grade we both switched to different school and never talk to each other because she went to school in Des Moines and I went to school in Ankeny. Well when I was in fourth grade my mom was pregnant with my little brother and sister. Her C-section was on November 19th, as I was anxiously sitting in the waiting room waiting to go see my new sibling. My sister had left the waiting room to go do something, when she came back She said “I just saw Chyanne, she said she wants you to go see her”
With excitement in my voice I replied “can I go see her now while were waiting”
“yes, let me called her mom to see what room they’re in”
So went and
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She broke down and started crying in the car and saying everything that wrong in her life. I was trying to comfort her and telling her I understand because I see wat see goes through every day. She screamed back and me and told me that I didn’t understand what she was going through because my dad cares about me and my mom never left me. So I stopped talking to her and just let her cry. As she was crying and screaming my boyfriend yelled at her and said people have it a lot worse than her. Then the both were yelling at each other. I told them both to stop, because I wasn’t going to pick sides or anything I just said they both need to stop yelling at each other. Then Chyanne said that she wanted to go to Alex’s house because I didn’t stick up for her and I stuck up for my boyfriend. I know that no matter what I said she wasn’t going to go back to my house with me so I went and dropped her off at Alex’s house like she asked then left and went back to my house. Then next morning I texted her and asked her if she was still at Alex’s and if she needed a right home. She told me not to worry about where she was. A couple days later we talked about everything and I

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