Personal Narrative: My Experience In College

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Being in ROTC at Bowie something I didn't expect to like. When my family forced it onto my course paper because of tradition I could only cringe. I didn't want to be in ROTC I thought it was dumb and that no one would like me and that I wouldn't like it. My depressed thirteen year old mind could only think of the worst possible outcomes. As the year started I got in, did what I had to, made the best of the situation, and reminded myself "hey I don't have to take p.e." As it turns out, it really wasn't all that bad.

In four years I have grown so much. I've bettered myself as a person, and made lasting friendships here. I really never had a place I could call my own in school, no clique or friend group I could associate (not to say I had no friends; a few
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Colonel and Master Sergeant taught us so much more. I don't think any other class would teach you about the stars and credit cards in the same day. When we were learning drill I never expected myself to have an issue remembering my left from my right or just plain walking.

One of the most fun things about ROTC is the clubs, there's so so many. I personally favored the marksmanship team which I was on, off and on, for the past few years. Practice taught discipline, determination, it made me want to perform the airforce value "excellence in all we do". Being on the team really helped me get into focus, it was tough and I wasn't the best but the experiences were so worth the five a.m. wake up calls. It's been a journey, from then to now. I only wish I'd been friendlier sooner. Being in ROTC really does change you, even if it's only slightly, but I don't think you really get that until you reflect on yourself. I don't have an excellent closing statement for this there's no good way to close a chapter... I guess my last words would be I don't regret

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