Personal Narrative: My Experience At Kaplan University

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I choose Kaplan University to further my education. My goals was to get a AA degree in Business Administration and start a new career in business. I not only experienced and met my exceeded expectation, I additionally progressed and achieved a Masters in Business Administration.

The most valuable impact was the knowledge learned at Kaplan University. the most memorable impact of my experience at Kaplan University is the great and exceptional staff, professors and classmate, build a sucessful portfolio of great teamwork. Having a great team translates into an experience to share with the communinty, society and additionally employers seeking professionaliam in the workplace. I am working now and very businesslike and professionally using achedemic skills learned at Kaplan University. The knowlege that I have gained will allow me to progress in business, as my plan in progressing in my new career and a life to balance out human society and the workplace, using life and educational skills.
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I acknowledge that I needed help and reached out to the resources of Kaplan Universities tutoring service and additionally found other software that could assist me and aid me in making a sucess and got plenty of rest. I additionally stay nourished to handle the work load, staying busy. My advice is to stay focused, do not give up, listen for clue, pay close attention to the gradebook and comments and then do your best to achieve educational desires.

My degree has allowed me to be on a trial with a company, that only accepts bachelors degrees. The degree that I accomplished was a Masters Degree in Business show incentive to bonuses and commission jobs. I have switched careers from a nursing to business

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