Personal Narrative: Lost, Undecided

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Lost. Undecided. Those are just a few words I would’ve used if I saw myself back 5 years ago. That’s how I’m sure everyone saw me. I needed a way to push myself out of my comfort zone, something productive that would make me get out of bed in the morning and keep me out of the house when I needed to be out of the house. Then I found something that turned my life around 180 degrees. Here’s my story. I was born in the US. Then left to go to Ecuador (my parent’s native country) to learn Spanish. I came back for eighth grade in Middle School. To understand who I am now I must explain who I was at the beginning. I came back to the U.S. as a shy, very introversive person who kept it all to himself. I did not like the way I was. I did not like that about …show more content…
I wanted to change, I just had to find a way to do it. I decided that maybe I had to be involved in school activities a lot more that way I wouldn’t have to be known as the very “shy” kid in school. I looked at school clubs, after school activities, community service events that my school organized, etc. One day, one of my teachers offered that I should consider joining some sort of sport club. She gave me a flyer that had information about the boy’s swim and dive team. After some thinking I took the choice of joining the swim club. It was too late for me to join the team in 8th grade since registrations were already due a few weeks before I decided I wanted to join the club but I knew I’d sign up for 9th grade in high school. The 9th grade came and I was nervous but at the same time I knew I made a good choice. For the first day, we all met up at the team pool. I remember being there surrounded by 25 other guys and thinking to myself ‘this is a lot of people’, being surrounded by that many people made me a bit nervous especially because I didn’t know anyone yet. It was a battle but I made a few friends. Slowly but surely I started taking the first steps outside my shell. As the season folded to a close, I already

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